Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Product Line - Leg Warmers

How cute do babies and toddlers look in leg warmers?!?!?!  I debuted this product line last weekend in my Etsy store, but since I've been dealing with a sick baby all week, my blog was pushed to the back burner.

So just what's the big deal about leg warmer's?  Read on to find out!

The top reasons why leg warmers are so darn cool:
- Protect the knees of crawlers
- Make potty training a little easier - no pulling pants up and down!
- Makes diaper changes easy
- Fun for dress up!
- Can be used as arm warmers under your favorite t-shirt!

The first leg warmers I made were for my little pumpkin at Halloween.

Need something to match a cute Christmas outfit?  What about these?

Don't be deceived.  Even little boys can wear these to protect their knees when crawling or to keep their legs warm.

Leg warmers are great because one pair can fit a child from the time they are a baby up until elementary school!  Check out my Etsy store for more cute and trendy leg warmers!

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