Sunday, November 21, 2010

Never Say Never

I love korker bows!  This summer I decided to try to make a few for my little princess.  I didn't want little bitty bows, I wanted BIG!  Well, little did I know that korkers are REALLY time intensive.  Not to mention somewhat of a pain in the you know what!  After making three, I said that I'd NEVER make korker bows again. 

Fast forward to two days ago.  I got a couple of rolls of super cute leopard print ribbon.  I was trying to figure out what kind of bows to make with them, when I glanced over and noticed some dowels wrapped with brown ribbon (ribbon I was going to bake into korkers but didn't after I swore the things off!).  I reluctantly decided to bake my ribbon and make little bitty korkers to put in the center of the leopard print bows.  Wow, small korkers are so much easier to make than the huge ones that I'd made before.  The leopard print bow with the korker turned out so cute, that I had to try the technique with a couple of other ribbons. 

Now to go figure out what kind of creation I'm going to come up with next now that korkers are FUN again!

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